Flat Top and Gull Wing Chains with Automotive Industry Chains



Chain Number: Flat top chains
Pitch: 6.000″
Pin Diameter (E): 0.688″
Overall Width Cottered (C2): 2.08″
Overall Width Riveted (C1): 2.00″
Sidebar Height (H): 2.50″
Roller Diameter (D): 0.91″
Sidebar thickness (T): 0.31″
Bushing Length (X): 2.00″
Links Per 10ft: 20
Average Weight: 11.0 LBS/ FT
Double strand Flat Top Chain with outboard carrying rollers moves heavy loads with dependability. Top plate surfaces may be smooth, checkered, or nonskid. Chain pitch ranges from 4″ to 24″. Gull Wing Chain provides an alternative to Flat Top, keeping the conveyed materials in line during movement. Either style can be made from a variety of materials and heat-treated to stand up to extreme conditions.