Har-821fht Flat Top Chain with Rubber



1: Application in the conveyor of tinplate bottle, the conveyor of PET bottle and the conveyor of aluminium pot, storage platform and conveying of edge. It is suitable for small things passing. It also suitable for the conveying of medicine, cosmetics, and small food .

2: The temperature of POM :-40°C~+90°C

3:The temperature of PP:+1°C~+98°C(suitable for the environment of sour)

This kind of modular belt can be used in following industries:

  • Industry application: tobacco industry, logistics industry, glass industry, medicine and chemical industry.
  • Fruit & vegetable & dairy & applications: elevators, inspection tables and packaging lines
  • Beverage industry such as acceleration, beer, soft drink, milk and accumulation.
  • Bakery applications: raw dough handling, cooling lines and packing lines
  • Meat industry such as tray pack line and metal detectors.
  • Food industry such as cool off lines and pack lines.
  • Can making/filling lines and accumulation tables
  • Spiral applications as proofing and freezing
  • Meat & poultry applications: packaging lines
  • Seafood applications: tray packing lines
  • Other fields related to plastic  modular belt.